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Zero Abuse Project is teaching professionals and transforming institutions to protect the next generation.


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We work to end all forms of child maltreatment through education, training, and prevention while advocating for and serving children, adult survivors, and communities.

trauma-informed prosecutor project

Expert Case Consultation
Prosecutors, investigators, and forensic interviewers can request free case consultations funded by our federal TiPP grant. Our dedicated team offers specialized assistance with cross-examinations of defendants or defense experts, guidance on preparing children for court, expert insights on forensic interviewing best practices, and a range of other invaluable resources.

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DNA on Trial
Join our brand-new 2.5-day course, 'DNA on Trial: From Collection to Conviction,' under our Trauma-informed Prosecutor Project. Taking place in Zionsville, Indiana from October 15-17, 2024, this invaluable opportunity equips prosecutors with essential skills for navigating complex cases. Explore crime lab science, practice with mock crime scenes, and learn how to effectively present DNA evidence in court.

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2024 Leaders Forum

Join us in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 25-26, 2024, for the Leaders Forum presented by Zero Abuse Project and Jeff Anderson & Associates. This event, designed for bankruptcy litigators, focuses on adopting a trauma-informed approach in legal practice, enhancing the likelihood of successful case verdicts.


Education, Training,
and Victim Support

There are 39 million child sexual abuse survivors in the U.S. today. The challenge of providing them and their families with support is enormous. So, too, is the task of helping law enforcement, child protection services, and others contribute to this fight.

Leading the Way

Cutting-Edge Technology

Zero Abuse Project is leveraging cutting-edge technology to create an artificial intelligence tool that will help expose predators and those who cover up for them in large institutions.

Engaging Lawmakers

Advocating Public Policy Changes

Incentivizing institutions to root out child sexual predators also requires a change in the law. Our team is fighting for these changes and supporting lawmakers to pursue justice.

Protecting Kids

Our Mission

To protect children from abuse and sexual assault, by engaging people and resources through a trauma-informed approach of education, research, advocacy, and advanced technology.

News & Announcements

Learn about the latest news and announcements from our team of professionals fighting to protect children through training and education.

Everyone has a Role to Play

Your donations provide support to Zero Abuse Project and directly fund programs that will help protect children. Help us build a world where every child is free from abuse.

Events & Training

Our instructor-led training options provide some of the best and most comprehensive curricula in the industry. Learn from the best with our specialized onsite training opportunities.

Get Help Now

Our team of victim assistance professionals works closely with law enforcement, national and local non-profit organizations, legislators and the media to assist victim families. 


Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

The Jacob Wetterling Resource Center (JWRC) was founded to educate and assist families and communities to address and prevent the exploitation of children. They continue to work to end all forms of child maltreatment through education, training and prevention while advocating for and serving children, adult survivors and communities.

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Jerry and Patty Wetterling Speak About Their Son Jacob

TiPP provides frontline child abuse prosecutors, investigators and other MDT members with access to quality training, technical assistance, and resource publications.

The Trauma-informed Prosecutor Project (TiPP), increases the effectiveness of the investigation and prosecution of child abuse by:

  • Developing and providing state-of-the-art training and customized technical assistance to prosecutors and allied criminal justice professionals
  • Developing, distributing, and promoting free publications addressing present and emerging issues in the field


Child Advocacy Studies

CAST focuses on developing students’ understanding of the various factors that lead to child maltreatment and of various existing responses to incidents of child maltreatment, so they work more effectively within various systems and institutions that respond to these incidents. 

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Learn how the CAST Program addresses critical defficiencies in the how training is provided to social workers and child protection workers who need it the most.

SurvivorSpace is a new technology-based resource informed by survivors, for survivors. It offers a safe space where survivors can learn about child sexual abuse; find information on new rights under the law; focus on self-care and resiliency; read survivor stories; explore civil litigation; access national resources and institutional programs; and connect with others to learn about and discuss a wide range of topics.

ChildFirst® is an intensive five-day course in which students learn the necessary skills to conduct a competent, investigative interview of a child abuse victim using the ChildFirst® Forensic Interview Protocol.


ChildFirst® Forensic Interviewing Protocol

ChildFirst® is an interactive course which combines lectures with demonstrations and hands-on experience. ChildFirst® is a flexible model and takes a holistic approach and explores for all forms of maltreatment. Students will conduct a 30 minute interview with an actor/actress playing the role of an abused child and will be critiqued on their performance and take a written exam.

Zero Abuse Project is dedicated to safeguarding children from abuse and exploitation. Our Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) program focuses on training and technology support for law enforcement and ICAC investigators. Projects include:

  1. ICAC Task Force National Training Program: Offering training in forensics and emerging tech for combating child sexual exploitation.

  2. Strengthening ICAC Technological Investigative Capacity: Enhancing skills in child exploitation search warrants, cloud forensics, and suspect interrogation.

  3. NOVA (Nexus for Open-source Virtual Assistance): A cutting-edge tool streamlining social media and open-source intelligence accessible to all law enforcement officers.

Onsite & Virtual Training Opportunities

Our instructor-led training options provide some of the best and most comprehensive curricula in the industry. Learn from the best with our specialized onsite training opportunities.


travel expenses are eliminated with on-site training

Distinguished Faculty

unparalleled access to leading experts with specialized knowledge and experience

Time Efficient

with multiple opportunities, participants can reduce or even eliminate travel times


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