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Zero Abuse Project Appoints Three New Board Members

Zero Abuse Project is excited to announce the appointment of three new members to their Board of Directors: Michael Johnson (Detective Mike), Elizabeth Hobbs, and Michael Galantino. These new directors are dedicated to protecting children from abuse and sexual assault and have been imperative and influential in their support of the cause.

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A Letter from Alison Feigh

30 years. Much has changed at Jacob Wetterling Resource Center since our early days of sending out missing posters by mail shoulder to shoulder with volunteers in a basement in St. Joseph. Our work originated in a family and community’s belief that what happened to Jacob wasn’t fair and being moved to act. The community came together and began making

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Senators Paul Boyer & Heather Carter Join Zero Abuse Project, Local Partners to Educate Community about New Rights for AZ Child Sex Abuse Survivors

State Senators Paul Boyer and Heather Carter were joined by the Zero Abuse Project, including Bridie Farrell, child sex abuse survivor and advocate, and Joelle Casteix, Zero Abuse Project board member and survivor; Dawn Penich-Thacker, from the SOS Arizona Network; Janine Menard, board of directors, Arizona School Counselor Association; and Justin Maudner, Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, to discuss the new Arizona Child Protection Act (AZCPA). 

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Statement of former U.S. National Speed Skater and Sexual Abuse Survivor, Bridie Farrell, Regarding the Empowering Olympic and Amateur Athletes Act of 2019

HUDSON, NY (July 31, 2019) — Bridie Farrell, CEO of NY Loves Kids today issued the following statement: “In a Senate subcommittee hearing in April of 2018, I said, ‘For many children it is impossible to disclose molestation or rape, because we do not, and they do not have the vocabulary. I did not learn that [at 15 years old] being molested by a 33-year-old man was a crime until I was at Cornell University. I was 27 years old.’ “Today I celebrate a breakthrough in the effort to stop child sexual abuse, especially in sport. “Survivors of child sexual abuse within the Olympic movement are finally being heard with the introduction of the Empowering Olympic and Amateur Athletes Act of 2019. It is the first of many steps toward ending the status quo within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

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Zero Abuse Project Statement on the Resignation of Judge James Troiano

Washington, D.C. (July 19, 2019) – Zero Abuse Project CEO Jeff Dion issued the following statement today regarding Judge James Troiano’s resignation and new mandatory sexual violence training for all state judges in New Jersey. We applaud the New Jersey judicial system’s first steps towards restoring itself in the eyes of the public as an unbiased and fair civic institution.

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