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All the Pieces Matter: Evaluating Digital Forensic Expert Witnesses

As court cases increasingly involve the use of digital evidence, the demand for experts who can evaluate how that evidence was collected and analyzed—and then explain that process to the court— has also grown. This article provides attorneys with a baseline understanding to help them better assess potential digital forensic experts.

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Not Another Bite at the Apple: Individualizing the Forensic Interview Process to Meet the Child’s Needs

This new publication from Zero Abuse Project discusses best practice and different modalities for conducting forensic interviews. We can no longer only consider single, traditional forensic interviews as best practice. The article will discuss three different options for conducting purposeful and legally defensible interviews, specifically follow-up interviews.

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Interviewing Lucas: A Case on Polyvictimization

“Interviewing Lucas” is a case-study on polyvictimization that examines the importance of screening for all forms of maltreatment during child forensic interviews and highlights the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to allegations of child maltreatment.

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Exigency and Encrypted Cloud Accounts (Part 2)

This article provides 7 advanced strategies for prosecutors, as well as guidance for dealing with cloud providers and other stakeholders. Zero Abuse Project developed this article to serve as a reference for prosecutors and investigators facing challenges when working cases involving remotely stored data.

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Exigency and Encrypted Cloud Accounts (Part 1)

This article provides 8 introductory considerations for prosecutors, and addresses the complexity and challenges faced when working cases involving remotely stored and encrypted data. It also explores investigative procedures and legal process best practices when obtaining electronic evidence.

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Child Victims with Disabilities: A Guide for Prosecutors

Prosecutors handling cases involving children with disabilities must be prepared to serve and advocate for individual child victims’ unique physical, cognitive, and/or emotional needs. This guide will address each of these components of the prosecution, and conclude with sample motions to implement recommendations.

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Judge, Jury…Service Provider?

Even though signed search warrants are legally binding court orders, Big Tech still may not comply. This guide acknowledges common privacy concerns that make data more difficult for the government to obtain, and lays out six strategies for prosecutors confronting objections from electronic service providers.

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Child Statement and Forensic Interview Admissibility

Seeking to introduce a forensic interview is not an ancillary matter in child abuse prosecution. In many cases, it is the most critical, persuasive piece of evidence for the jury’s consideration. This guide will equip entry level prosecutors with an understanding of relevant admissibility law in their jurisdiction, and encourage seasoned prosecutors to take a fresh look at the several viable options for forensic interview admissibility.

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Menlo Church Assessment Final Report

Assessment of Menlo Church’s Response to a Congregant Expressing an Attraction to Children In December of 2020, Zero Abuse Project entered into a contract with Menlo Church to assess whether a former volunteer, who had confided to having an attraction to children, had engaged in any acts of sexual misconduct. Zero Abuse interviewed 104 witnesses and reviewed or analyzed more

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Not an Ocean Away, Only a Moment Away: A Prosecutor’s Primer for Obtaining Remotely Stored Data

Digital evidence is increasingly stored remotely on servers across state lines, around the globe, and beyond. Accordingly, prosecuting technology-facilitated child abuse in the 21st century requires a familiarity with the Stored Communications Act, trajectory of Fourth Amendment jurisprudence, and complex international considerations. Robert Peters and colleagues have written a pioneering law review article to equip prosecutors with strategies for obtaining

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Forensic Interview

The Forensic Interviewer at Trial: Guidelines for the Admission and Scope of Expert Testimony Concerning a Forensic Interview in a Case of Child Abuse (Revised and Expanded)

Expert testimony on the forensic interview remains a relatively new subject with significant variations from state to state, and even judge to judge as to what is permissible. To assist prosecutors, forensic interviewers and other professionals, Victor Vieth has written a comprehensive law review article that summarizes the case law on this subject and proposes guidelines for the scope of expert testimony from the forensic interviewer

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