Am I going to be shunned for speaking out?


There are huge rewards and many risks in coming forward and disclosing in the court system that you are a victim of child sexual abuse coming forward is a huge step on the path to healing for many survivors but for others there are other pathways and no one can determine what is the best pathway for any individual person I highly suggest that you talk with your family and your attorney if you believe that this might put your job at risk or if you believe you will be shunned by your community every survivor needs to determine if coming forward is a good path for healing or is the best path for them there are also protections for survivors of child sexual abuse who come forward using the civil justice system survivors have the option of filing under a Jane or a John Doe and that protects their identity in the court system so that their employer as long as their employer is not the entity being sued will not know that they are a victim of child sexual abuse no one outside of the direct judicial system need know that you are coming forward it is up to every individual survivor to decide the best path towards healing so talk to a therapist talk to an attorney and talk to a trusted friend talk to someone who’s been through the process there are many paths and you could always find one that is the best for you.

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Joelle Casteix