How do I find a lawyer?


I would recommend reaching out to the National Crime Victims Bar Association. They have a certified attorney referral service and are certified by the American Bar Association. And all they do is civil claims. You can tell them what happened to you and where, and they can help you figure out what kind of lawyer you need and where, and they will try to give you at least three names.

I always tell every survivor that it’s important that you talk to all of those attorneys because one, it’s important to find someone who is willing to take your case, but more importantly you want to find someone you’re comfortable working with. Only you can decide who right for you. I often tell people that the relationship between a lawyer and a client is as important and intimate as your relationship with your therapist or your college roommate. Keep switching until you find the right fit. Make sure you talk to folks. This is a decision you get to make.

Provided By

Jeff Dion

CEO, Zero Abuse Project