I was turned down by the IRCP. Should I still call a lawyer?


Absolutely. There are numerous people turned down by IRCP that are filling civil suits. Often times the difference is that when you go into the IRCP you’re not represented by a lawyer; you’re just talking to the church, so when you say, “When I was 10 years old, Father Jones molested me, and they say well we don’t know anything about that and it’s just your word and I don’t think that makes sense.” But you can go see a lawyer and the lawyer has the information that “Oh wow with Father Jones we’ve got six other people who say father jones molested them.” That’s the information the lawyer has that the lawyer can get through discovery that you don’t have. If you’ve been turned down by the IRCP you can absolutely call a lawyer for them to tell you based on your individual circumstances whether or not they think you have a case.

Provided By

Jeff Dion

CEO, Zero Abuse Project