It’s been so long since I was abused, does it still matter?


Absolutely. It is never too late to get help with child sexual abuse. Because if you don’t, there’s a great possibility that you can act out in so many harmful ways to yourself and others. In my case, I acted out a self-destructive behavior and I acted out angrily. Fortunately, I had a job that paid me to create mayhem and that was playing in the NFL, so I was able to take out my frustrations on the field. However, after playing the game, I was left with myself and still feeling being abused. With that untreated sexual abuse, I can’t emphasize enough the fact that once I started, I was able to admit that I was abused. I could get only then the help that I needed. Each time I was able to free myself from talking and sharing about it and realize that I am NOT alone.

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Al Chesley