Minnesota Professional Partner Organizations: MN Department of Corrections

Throughout our state, the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) works diligently to contribute to a safer Minnesota. One of the DOC’s efforts to enhance the safety of all, is assessing and assigning risk levels to those who have committed registration offenses entering prison. Once a risk level is determined, the DOC assists local law enforcement in providing notification, within the scope of the level assigned. When called upon to assist with broad public notifications, the DOC has found a significant value in its partnership with the JWRC.

Their talented staff provide critical information regarding family safety planning, covering a variety of important topics relating to young children, teens and more. Over the years, community notification meetings have grown to be highly informational. The assistance gained from collaborations with community partners like the JWRC have played a significant role in this progression and growth. The ability of JWRC staff to aid attendees of these difficult meetings to see their strength, as individuals and as communities, is indispensable.

Please join the DOC in congratulating the JWRC as they mark their 30 years of efforts and work dedicated to a better, safer, kinder and more understanding society.   

MN DOC Presents at a Community Notification Meeting