Zero Abuse Project Statement on the Resignation of Judge James Troiano

Washington, D.C. (July 19, 2019) – Zero Abuse Project CEO Jeff Dion issued the following statement today regarding Judge James Troiano’s resignation and new mandatory sexual violence training for all state judges in New Jersey.

“We applaud the New Jersey judicial system’s first steps towards restoring itself in the eyes of the public as an unbiased and fair civic institution.

With the news that Judge James Troiano is off the bench and all state judges in New Jersey will have to undergo sexual violence training in the next 90 days, individuals and families seeking justice after horrific acts of sexual assault against children can be better assured that their judge will not weigh standing within the community, contributions to society, family status, wealth, or good schooling above the rule of law. It is profoundly sad that what should be so obvious to our most trusted public officials is not – that sexual abuse has no place in our society, and a sterling family history does not and cannot excuse it.

Until our most powerful institutions understand this and are held accountable, as Judge Troiano was, our children remain at greater risk – and those charged with protecting them are failing in their most important duty.”

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