Anatomical Dolls and Diagrams: Understanding the Research and Putting into Practice

Course Description

The training provides multidisciplinary team members an understanding of the research and proper use to assist with investigation and prosecution when forensic interviews include the use of interviewing aids of anatomical dolls and diagrams. While the practice of using anatomical dolls and diagrams is sometimes seen as contentious in the field of forensic interviewing, research shows the appropriate use of dolls and diagrams within the guidance of a nationally recognized protocol can increase forensically relevant information and accuracy within the forensic interview. This training will summarize relevant research on dolls and diagrams, provide an overview of their purposeful and appropriate use in the forensic interview, and address common defense challenges to the use of dolls and diagrams.  This one-day advanced training includes practicum and scenario work for participants.  

Learning Objectives

1. Review appropriate and purposeful practice regarding the use of dolls and diagrams in the forensic interview.

2. Increase knowledge of the relevant and reflective research regarding the use of dolls and diagrams in the forensic interview. Students will gain a better understanding of the proper use through scenario practicum with dolls and diagrams.

3. Address misconceptions and defense challenges to the appropriate use of dolls and diagrams in the forensic interview.

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