How to Parent When You Know Too Much: A Conversation About Juggling Caregiving, the Work, and the World

Course Description

The cases that we live and the clients that we serve profoundly change how we see the world. This presentation digs into the question of how vicarious trauma can impact our parenting and what we can do to create healthy relationships with our loved ones despite it all.  The presenter is not a parenting expert, but has reached out to parents and caregivers who have been doing the work to ask them to share their lessons, wisdom, and mistakes in hopes that it helps us all show up as our whole selves in our family systems. You need not carry the title of parent to attend as so many nurture children in a wide variety of mentoring and caregiving roles. There is a place for you and your lived wisdom in this session.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:

1. Examine how vicarious trauma can impact interpersonal relationships with a focus on parent/child relationships.

2. Evaluate the shared lived wisdom of other professionals in the world of sexual violence response and prevention to determine what techniques and tools may be helpful in your own professional and personal life.

3. Complete a Parenting Plan that allows you to take three suggestions presented and implement them into your own life.

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