Investigating and Prosecuting Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Preschool Children

Course Description

This dynamic workshop will explore how to prove sexual abuse in pre/non-verbal children through combining brief statements from children with behavioral and brain research. The difficulties of substantiating abuse among preschool children will also be explored and students will learn methods to overcome these obstacles and secure justice for more of these vulnerable children.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn the impact of trauma on infants and young children.

2. Incorporate poly-victimization research into a case of sexual abuse involving a pre or non-verbal children.

3. Acquire practical skills in investigating a case of sexual abuse involving a pre or non-verbal child including interviewing the alleged victim, alleged perpetrator, assessing a potential crime scene, and presenting a case in court.

4. Understand the concept of trauma-informed and what steps you can take to incorporate this concept into your workplace.

5. Learn strategies to promote resilience.

6. Identify practical self-care and regulation tips for yourself and those who you serve.

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