When the Weapon is Trust: Investigating and Prosecuting the Non-Stranger Sexual Assault

Course Description

When most people hear the word “rape”, they still think of the stranger rapist with the gun, despite the progress of the “Me Too” Movement and some highly publicized non-stranger sexual abuse cases.  Prosecutors, police, and advocates are far more likely to encounter cases in which the survivor and the offender have some pre-existing relationship. This presentation will focus attendees on how to build strong non-stranger sexual assault cases that have jury appeal, that offer victim protections and support, and that counter defenses commonly raised in non-stranger cases.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify issues within a case that are likely to prove problematic for jurors and develop a jury selection strategy.

2. Supportively work with survivors in the pre-trial process to prepare them for court.

3. Continue investigation to detect and address witness intimidation.

4. Anticipate false defenses and counter those defenses with expert witnesses and pre-trial motions.

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